Concert Info

Dynamixz Entz  presents


      •*’’#Indulged #in #Fushion’’*•

   A concert of phenomenal Extravagance!

*Jazz, *Rnb, *Soul, *Funk, *Rnb, *Pop *Dancing included &

'!A night of fulfillment!'
#LiveEntertainment, #LiveEnjoyment, #LiveMusic..

Hosted by Bartley Musiczz Brandon, founder of Dynamixz Entz.

Performers / Music by @LMK ~ LoveMusic”Kindness (Rnb, Funk, Pop, Soul, Dancer)
Flux Dj (Pop, Contemporary music)
Joeseph (Soul, Pop,)
Hook Me Up Band (Jazz)

Additional performance included with else guest performers.

Your presence will be admired. Bring your family for a rather spectacular event.::)) 






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